10 Relaxation Techniques and Apps Recommended for Stressed Business Executives
Stress can reduce the level of productivity for business executives. A tight work schedule and tedious travel arrangements can make the life of business executives a misery. This article gives the stressed business executive ways to lift themselves out of the pain of stress.

1. Download meditation pieces and graphics on Buddhify 2
Buddhify 2 is a home of entertainment and learning. Buddhify allows you to browse as you learn. Simply find time and start downloading the best meditation techniques to help you stay relaxed in body, mind and soul.

2. Vanish to a new destination
Another way to relax is to disappear to a whole new world free from the repetitive job schedule. Changing the environment you operate in is satisfying and contributes to lower stress levels. As a business executive, the recurrent work schedule is painful and serves to break you up rather than build you up.

3. Get a break and avoid technology
Lately, executives are stuck on technological gadgets like smart phones, tablets and lap tops. A stressed executive should give themselves a break and realise that modern technologies are not everything; they just act to supplement living in this world.

4. Slot times for exercises in your Calendar
Exercises rejuvenate the body and increase blood flow. A morning run or daily gym sessions are crucial in increasing the productivity at work.

5. Appreciate nature
Mother Nature brings out the beauty of the universe. Take sessions to appreciate nature; for examples admire flowers, view birds fly and listen to them sing, watch a river flow and so many other beauties of nature.
6. Watch out your diet
Eat lots of vegetable and fruits that will boost your mood and eventually make you more relaxed.

7. Go swimming
Swimming is a perfect way to relax and unwind. Swimming provides a balanced exercise to your body.
Enhance business productivity by using all the relaxation techniques for stressed business executives. When you follow through the steps, you will be sure to break away from that stressful life. Try out Omvana, Buddhify 2, Simply Being and Get Some Headspace apps and get on board the train of stress free life.

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