With decades of combined experience in their profession, the staff members at KLS Transportation Services, Inc. have seen it all, including the recent upswing in Los Angeles limousine patronage by college students.

As a fixture at high school proms and at weddings, limo service in Los Angeles carries certain connotations in our culture. For special occasions, having a black limo for transportation generally means “this is the person this whole event is about.” If you’re a bride, that stands to reason. At prom, being the center of attention is a goal, rather than a forgone conclusion. At college however, the game has changed; popularity has splintered. Group identity is now more important than winning the popularity game. “So,” a new freshman might ask, “what’s with all the limos?”

You’re among adults now and certain things have new meanings. For instance, you’re not likely to get far by assuming the faculty is all idiots or by being a bully. Some teachers are popular like students, and popularity has shifted to include the kids you once bullied. Similarly, in this decade college students have discovered that limousine service in Los Angeles has a practical side. KLS combines extreme luxury with practicality, and makes limo service the smart choice, not the expensive one.

Pledging a fraternity or sorority is a big time for limo service among college students. You’re going to discover that all the freedom that comes from your new life is paired with the cost of gas, parking, road tolls, and too often, tickets when you drive yourself. Travelling in large groups, as required for pledge season, is easiest when you call up a luxury transportation service like KLS, and order a party bus, or limo. KLS has a variety of methods for keeping things running smoothly while you’re renting your limo.

Moreover, as your time at college wears on, you’re going to be increasingly likely to send away for guest speakers and other VIP visitors to your campus. Clubs and organizations will need the services of musicians and comedians. Arranging transportation with a company like KLS Transportation Services, Inc. ensures that your special guest will feel welcome and valued, and that everything will go well.

In addition to solving these problems, KLS limousine service in Los Angeles has live dispatch 24/7, so you’ll never get a computer when you dial 855-284-8488 or visit online at www.klsla.com.

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