Luxury transportation has been a developing industry for hundreds of years. With all that history behind us, you’d think any company could turn to the past for an example, but it seems that they can’t all be KLS. In the luxury transportation business it shows that company history, not world history, is the best indicator when making a choice. KLS has covered hundreds of weddings and bachelor parties and transported thousands of VIPs to and from airports all over the world. In a competitive business like this, you couldn’t stay afloat if you hadn’t learned the lessons of history: 1: care above all for the passenger 2: Let technology guide changes in your company, and 3: Be flexible.

If you’ve ever been a limo passenger, you already know what to expect, and if you’re booking a Los Angeles limousine for a VIP client or business partner, you surely know how they expect to be treated (No mystery there). However, it’s the tiny extras that ensure that a person has a grand experience. For instance, free car seats of various sizes, for children of various ages may sound like a small freebie when renting from a luxury transportation company, but the child seat policy hammers home an idea: Children are welcome passengers in their vehicles.

Other extras in addition to car seats include free bottled water, and Wi-Fi connectivity in select vehicles. Make sure their passengers are feeling content in the car means positive word-of-mouth once they get out, so KLS considers these to be no-brainer additions.

However, Wi-Fi isn’t the only technological innovation they’ve incorporated into their limo service in Los Angeles. As green technology has turned environmentalism into a priority for our clients, we’ve added the Hybrid Mercedes Benz S400 to our fleet in order to do our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If you’re an eco-conscious limo passenger, then in addition to your solar panels, electricity reduction, and the many other way’s you’ve transformed your lifestyle, you can also feel reassured that you’re doing your part when you travel, by doing so in this eco-styled car from the KLS fleet.

Technology is also in the hands of our drivers in the form of tablet computers, used to monitor flight statuses and streamline the dispatch process. Not only do tablet computers further reflect the KLS commitment to technology, but they allow us unprecedented flexibility, with regard to timetables and plans. Keeping information in the hands of its staff means KLS can shift plans, and make on-the-go itinerary changes without missing a beat.

Learning these lessons and letting them guide us as a business is what makes KLS great limousine service in Los Angeles, and separates it from all the good companies. But don’t take this on faith, call them and experience the best in luxury transportation yourself.