Taking a smooth, safe and reliable Los Angeles airport car service to and from the airport is just one important element in a business traveler’s experience. But when the executive is out of the car, how can he or she keep the business trip efficient and smooth?

Here are some tips:

  • Stay healthy: A long day or week of travel can take its toll on a body and brain. To be most productive and effective during executive travel, it’s important to take vitamin C and zinc to avoid getting sick during the flight. Use the flight time to adjust to the new time zones by regulating your sleep, by either staying awake until arrival or sleeping and waking upon arrival. Avoid greasy, unhealthy food when traveling and keep it light until you reach your destination.
  • Pack light: If possible, only bring a carry-on and briefcase / laptop bag to avoid waiting for luggage to come off the plane or lost luggage issues. Send samples and other materials to the hotel or conference directly instead of lugging them with you on a flight. 

    Here is a great video for packing a suit into a carry-on: How To Roll A Suit

  • Destination research: Doing research on the city before arriving will help you plan ahead and be more efficient. Even though it’s a business trip, take advantage of your downtime by sampling the local culture whether its by visiting iconic landmarks, visiting a park, shore or beach, or checking out the dining and nightlife. New experiences are part of the process of constant learning, and that’s also valuable for business.

If you’re traveling and happen to lose your passport, here is an emergency action plan: What To Do When You Lose Your Passport

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