workplace-conflictYou should not fear conflict, but embrace it as part of your life or job. Each employee possesses a set of unique and different set of attitudes and beliefs from their co-workers and this might end up leading to conflict. The following are a few ideas on how to reduce conflict at the workplace.

Is it That Important?
1. Learn to pick your battles. It’s essential that you learn to pick your battles instead of getting into a fight for the sake of it. If a conflict is that important there must be a solution for it too. You should be able to prioritize on the most important areas of conflict.

Focus on a Resolution
2. Listen carefully. For a conflict to be resolved appropriately you should be able to listen to the other party, without interrupting them on anything they say. When discussing the conflict, focus on the characteristics needed for a resolution; this will reduce the chances of the problem becoming more personal.

Wait Until Tempers have Faded
3. Tackle the problem after everybody has cooled down. When working on group projects it can be difficult; especially if you find out that your partner or co-worker is not bringing anything to the table. You should be able to address the problem before it escalates to a much bigger problem, but you should wait till everyone has cooled off, as nothing productive will come if all parties are angry or upset when you raise your issue.

When Human Resources Needs to Step in
4. Alert Human Resources. If you are dealing with a serious issue such as harassment or bullying in the work place based on, for example, gender, race or age, the issue may need intervention from someone else. What you should do is talk to your human resources manager and start following your company’s internal procedure for filling a complaint, which is usually the grievance procedure. You should put in writing all that happened, what affect it had on you, and what actions need to be taken to resolve the conflict.

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