new-parking-signs-los-angelesParking Signs: ARGH!

We’ve all been there; rushing to get to an important business meeting, private appointment or event only to be confronted with confusing, elaborate or sometimes even non-existent parking signs. At times you just need to know in plain English whether you can park on a certain street or not; an MSc in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics should not be a prerequisite for parking your car!

Consider these ridiculous situations:
• A “park on weekends only” sign next to a sign that says “no parking on Tuesdays”
• A “no parking at any time” sign next to sign that says “not during rush hour”
• A “no standing at any time” sign with a “no standing 6am to 6pm” sign directly below it

It’s no wonder we get confused!

There are examples of such incongruence the world over; this is a problem which affects all nations and is a source of great frustration to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. However, anyone who has been to, and driven in Los Angeles will know that LA is the center of the parking sign nightmare universe!
Los Angeles has long been the subject of much ridicule due to the ludicrous nature of its parking signs; many of them are just bordering on plain stupidity. The good news for LA is that the City Council have intervened and have voted for a suite of simple, readable parking signs to be developed. Recently the LA Times reported that the City Council had asked their Transportation Department to experiment with new signage design and they commissioned a local graphic artist by the name of Nikki Sylianteng to produce these. They were a roaring success with their practicality and ingenuity capturing the imagination of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. The parking sign itself is a combination of all of the restrictions in one place in a schedule format; some have likened it to a “parking calendar” in appearance and design.

One thing is for sure; our LA-based drivers are all hoping this gets rolled out city-wide; but in the meantime why not take the worry out of travelling and parking and let us at handle it for you.

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