Luxury Limo Doctor Recommended Physician Approved

Luxury Limo Doctor Recommended Physician Approved Peace of mind is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. When do you get you get a chance to just lay back, relax, as time passes you by? If you can't remember when, please read on: KLS Transportation Services, Inc., premier limousine service in Los Angeles, offers people just like [...]

KLS Transportation Services Explains Limo Trend Among College Students

With decades of combined experience in their profession, the staff members at KLS Transportation Services, Inc. have seen it all, including the recent upswing in Los Angeles limousine patronage by college students. As a fixture at high school proms and at weddings, limo service in Los Angeles carries certain connotations in our culture. For special [...]

Explore Istanbul in Style with KLS Luxury Transportation

It was originally called Byzantium – but no matter what you call it, this glittering gem on the Bosporus known later as Constantinople and today as Istanbul beckons hordes of tourists every year from around the world. Now, KLS Transportation Services has added this exciting and romantic city to the long list of exciting destinations [...]

Bringing Los Angeles Flavor To Las Vegas Limo Service

Everybody likes to party, and there’s no party destination like Las Vegas. As a premier Los Angeles limousine service, KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services understands that our passengers come first, and we do everything we can to make them happy. So, for Angelinos who want to go party in Las Vegas, we’re offering a special deal [...]

KLS, the Limo Company That's Learned the Lessons of History

Luxury transportation has been a developing industry for hundreds of years. With all that history behind us, you'd think any company could turn to the past for an example, but it seems that they can't all be KLS. In the luxury transportation business it shows that company history, not world history, is the best indicator [...]

The Ultimate Chauffeured Experience

You've seen the cool commercials of a new, clean, stylish BMW luxury sedan driving along a scenic mountainside road or fluidly gliding between the architecture of a downtown cityscape. They call their cars The Ultimate Driving Machine. And LCT Magazine, the leading limo industry magazine, says the BMW 7-Series Li is “the highest standard for [...]

L.A.'s Premier Town Car Service Goes Green With New Hybrid

  KLS Transportation Worldwide Chauffeured Services, the leading provider of luxury limousine service in Los Angeles, has added the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid Sedan to its fleet.  The S400 handles like a dream and has received rave reviews from our clients.. It is spacious, sophisticated and elegant, able to hold its own with other  autobahn powerhouses. [...]

Executive Travel Advice: How To Plan A Business Trip

Taking a smooth, safe and reliable Los Angeles airport car service to and from the airport is just one important element in a business traveler’s experience. But when the executive is out of the car, how can he or she keep the business trip efficient and smooth? Here are some tips: Stay healthy: A long [...]

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Why Our Luxury Transportation In LA Rules Them All

The luxury transportation industry in Southern California is as competitive as they come, but as in all areas of life and commerce, the cream invariably rises to the top. In the case of KLS Transportation Services, Inc., a Los Angeles limousine service, that triumphant rise above all its competitors came about as a result of [...]

The Unique "KLS Experience" – What is It and Why Does Everyone Want It?

All over Los Angeles, the phrase on everyone's lips is "the KLS experience." What is it? What has so completely captured the imaginations of countless customers? What has won over even the most jaded cynics? The answer is quite simple: the single finest Los Angeles limousine service you are likely to ever come across. KLS [...]