Why Renting a Luxury Car is better than Buying One

Are you planning to buy a luxury car? Have you considered renting? Driving a high end car is a powerful credibility and economic statement; and very few people get to park such luxurious vehicles outside their home or at work. But did you know that renting a luxury car has more benefits than buying a [...]

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Luxury Limo Doctor Recommended Physician Approved

Luxury Limo Doctor Recommended Physician Approved Peace of mind is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. When do you get you get a chance to just lay back, relax, as time passes you by? If you can't remember when, please read on: KLS Transportation Services, Inc., premier limousine service in Los Angeles, offers people just like [...]

L.A.'s Premier Town Car Service Goes Green With New Hybrid

  KLS Transportation Worldwide Chauffeured Services, the leading provider of luxury limousine service in Los Angeles, has added the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid Sedan to its fleet.  The S400 handles like a dream and has received rave reviews from our clients.. It is spacious, sophisticated and elegant, able to hold its own with other  autobahn powerhouses. [...]

Mercedes-Benz S400 Rental Creates Sustainable Luxury

If you want to travel in comfort and style and also reduce your carbon footprint to preserve the planet for future generations, book your next Los Angeles airport transfer in the Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid sedan, which combines a lithium battery, gas-efficient V-6 engine and 7-speed automatic transmission. Here are some of the top benefits to [...]

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How To Breeze Through Airport Security

Award Winning Los Angeles Limo Service Shares Airport Tips Getting through airport security quickly and easily is a matter of preparing in advance. Liquids over 3 oz. are prohibited. Carry small items like toothpaste, mouthwash and contact lens solution in a zip-lock bag in your carry-on. Make sure the zip-lock is easily accessible so you [...]

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Productivity Tips For Road Warriors During Business Travel

Traveling for business takes up time. Yes, it is an investment that can lead to profitable deals, but it has its pitfalls. It can get in the way of your day-to-day work responsibilities. When you have a group of executives on the road, that can mean a large gap in productivity. But with a luxury [...]

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Defining Luxury Transportation In LA

With great service comes a great reputation. It really is that simple. Positive word-of-mouth spreads… satisfied customers recommend a company's service to their friends, family, and colleagues… good press follows… and glowing reviews pile up. Such is the case with KLS Transportation Services, Inc., the hardest-working Los Angeles limousine company in the luxury transportation industry. [...]

How Does It Feel To Ride In The BMW 740 Li ?

A firsthand look at the BMW 740Li, our new addition to our Los Angeles limousine service. Do you value comfort, safety and luxurious style? If you’re a busy executive traveler or a jet-setter with a taste for luxury on the road, the BMW 740 Li rental from KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services is the car for [...]

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Five U.S. Food Cities On The Rise

Great food can really enhance life, don't you agree? There's a reason "spicing up your life" and "giving it some flavor" are expressions used. We live in one of the richest and most creative culinary moments in history. But with so many budding food scenes around the United States, where does one start? We know [...]

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How To Book Luxury Transportation In LA

When looking for a Los Angeles limousine service, you need to make sure that you are able to differentiate the top professional, quality limo companies from the mediocre ones. When you charter a limousine for special events or a luxury vehicle for business travel, you are making an investment in your safety and your time. [...]