Have you Booked the Rolls Royce Ghost for Your Wedding Yet?

Nothing compares to the luxury and fineness of a Rolls Royce when looking for the ideal chauffeur driven splendor for your special day. A wedding vehicle should not only provide style, but should also offer comfort for incredible photo shoots that are certain to create the memories you’ll treasure of your big day. Wedding vehicles [...]

Shop Like Royalty

Have you ever spent a day shopping only to realise that the new lamp you fell in love with is not going to fit in your car? Or perhaps you have remembered a long list of gifts for the entire family, but forgotten that waiting for a taxi, in the cold, with a pile of [...]

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Are you Riding in a Ghost?

Open 24/7 365 Days! Call now to Rent Your Rolls Royce Ghost in Los Angeles 888-659-7559 Imagine this: You've got a date lined up to a fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles. Your reservation is set. Your chauffeur pulls up and you and your date jump out of the back seat of your Rolls Royce [...]

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What are the Pros and Cons of Renting vs Hiring a Driver?

If you need to travel by car and do not want to use your own vehicle or do not have your own vehicle, you have a few options: you can use a chauffeur or you can rent a car. There are pros and cons of both using a chauffeur and renting a car; a chauffeur [...]

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Los Angeles Car Service Makes YOU A Rock Star In A Private Jet

Las Vegas is the party destination on everyone's mind so rent one of our limos from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. But Los Angeles and Hollywood know how to party too! With luxury leaking out of our backyard, KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services knows how to deliver the most fun, stylish and safe party experience in [...]

Booking Los Angeles Limousine Service With Free Wi-Fi

Today's world runs on a global economy that requires us to be connected at all times, and that's why KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services, a premier Los Angeles limousine service, offers passengers free Wi-Fi in our vehicles. We want our passengers to stay connected with their friends, family and colleagues when they're relaxing in the back [...]

Explore Istanbul in Style with KLS Luxury Transportation

It was originally called Byzantium – but no matter what you call it, this glittering gem on the Bosporus known later as Constantinople and today as Istanbul beckons hordes of tourists every year from around the world. Now, KLS Transportation Services has added this exciting and romantic city to the long list of exciting destinations [...]

The Ultimate Chauffeured Experience

You've seen the cool commercials of a new, clean, stylish BMW luxury sedan driving along a scenic mountainside road or fluidly gliding between the architecture of a downtown cityscape. They call their cars The Ultimate Driving Machine. And LCT Magazine, the leading limo industry magazine, says the BMW 7-Series Li is “the highest standard for [...]

Driver vs. Chauffeur – What is the difference?

Los Angeles Limo Service Explains Difference Between Driver and Chauffeur Many people ask us: What is the difference between a driver and a chauffeur? Aren't they the same thing? The answer is no, they are not. Sure, anyone can buy a limousine, start their own limo service and get behind the wheel and drive a [...]

Chauffeured Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Vans Join The KLS Limousine Fleet in Los Angeles

The big and tall 10-passenger Mercedes Sprinter is now available from KLS Limousine Services. The Sprinter is a hit for night outs around Los Angeles or for corporate tours and sightseeing tours. The new vans join the KLS fleet in Los Angeles as a new luxury transportation option between the cities. KLS Limousine services in [...]

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