L.A.'s Premier Town Car Service Goes Green With New Hybrid

  KLS Transportation Worldwide Chauffeured Services, the leading provider of luxury limousine service in Los Angeles, has added the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid Sedan to its fleet.  The S400 handles like a dream and has received rave reviews from our clients.. It is spacious, sophisticated and elegant, able to hold its own with other  autobahn powerhouses. [...]

Executive Travel Advice: How To Plan A Business Trip

Taking a smooth, safe and reliable Los Angeles airport car service to and from the airport is just one important element in a business traveler’s experience. But when the executive is out of the car, how can he or she keep the business trip efficient and smooth? Here are some tips: Stay healthy: A long [...]

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Limousine Company Offers a Fleet You Just Can't Beat

Summer in Los Angeles means hot days but cool evenings, and many native Angelinos and out-of-towners alike are taking advantage of those hours when the sun sinks low to enjoy the city in style. The limousine, the ultimate icon of luxury and comfort, is an increasingly frequent sight on Los Angeles streets, shuttling celebs, CEOs, [...]

Why Our Luxury Transportation In LA Rules Them All

The luxury transportation industry in Southern California is as competitive as they come, but as in all areas of life and commerce, the cream invariably rises to the top. In the case of KLS Transportation Services, Inc., a Los Angeles limousine service, that triumphant rise above all its competitors came about as a result of [...]

Driver vs. Chauffeur – What is the difference?

Los Angeles Limo Service Explains Difference Between Driver and Chauffeur Many people ask us: What is the difference between a driver and a chauffeur? Aren't they the same thing? The answer is no, they are not. Sure, anyone can buy a limousine, start their own limo service and get behind the wheel and drive a [...]

Your Go-To Los Angeles Limousine Service

  It’s summer and that means lots of traveling with family and friends! That also means business travel for the busy road warriors who are trying to make things happen. We understand that traveling can be stressful and KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services is a Los Angeles limousine company that wants to take the hassle out [...]

Your KLS Limo is a Dream Factory on Wheels

KLS Transportation Services, Inc. offers adventure, entertainment, and elegance - everything you need for a respite from the ordinary Imagine...the door to your limousine swings open. The cameras whir, the flashbulbs pop. You smile that devilish grin that keeps the paparazzi coming back. You stroll down the red carpet. Tell us, what gorgeous celebrity do [...]

Mercedes-Benz S400 Rental Creates Sustainable Luxury

If you want to travel in comfort and style and also reduce your carbon footprint to preserve the planet for future generations, book your next Los Angeles airport transfer in the Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid sedan, which combines a lithium battery, gas-efficient V-6 engine and 7-speed automatic transmission. Here are some of the top benefits to [...]

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The Unique "KLS Experience" – What is It and Why Does Everyone Want It?

All over Los Angeles, the phrase on everyone's lips is "the KLS experience." What is it? What has so completely captured the imaginations of countless customers? What has won over even the most jaded cynics? The answer is quite simple: the single finest Los Angeles limousine service you are likely to ever come across. KLS [...]

How To Breeze Through Airport Security

Award Winning Los Angeles Limo Service Shares Airport Tips Getting through airport security quickly and easily is a matter of preparing in advance. Liquids over 3 oz. are prohibited. Carry small items like toothpaste, mouthwash and contact lens solution in a zip-lock bag in your carry-on. Make sure the zip-lock is easily accessible so you [...]

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