Los Angeles Limousine Service Offers Eco-Friendly Summer Travel

  Los Angeles is a beautiful city with lots of attractions, scenic sights, and beautiful beaches. But like most large cities, it suffers from traffic congestion and the smog created by all those cars. If you ride in one of KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services luxury sedans, like our Mercedes-Benz hybrid S400, not only will you [...]

Explore Istanbul in Style with KLS Luxury Transportation

It was originally called Byzantium – but no matter what you call it, this glittering gem on the Bosporus known later as Constantinople and today as Istanbul beckons hordes of tourists every year from around the world. Now, KLS Transportation Services has added this exciting and romantic city to the long list of exciting destinations [...]

Bringing Los Angeles Flavor To Las Vegas Limo Service

Everybody likes to party, and there’s no party destination like Las Vegas. As a premier Los Angeles limousine service, KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services understands that our passengers come first, and we do everything we can to make them happy. So, for Angelinos who want to go party in Las Vegas, we’re offering a special deal [...]

KLS, the Limo Company That's Learned the Lessons of History

Luxury transportation has been a developing industry for hundreds of years. With all that history behind us, you'd think any company could turn to the past for an example, but it seems that they can't all be KLS. In the luxury transportation business it shows that company history, not world history, is the best indicator [...]

Los Angeles Limo Service Advice For International Business Travel

Los Angeles Limo Service Advice For International Business Travel Luxury transportation has been a developing industry for hundreds of years. But the industry has shown that company history, not world history, is the best thing to focus on when choosing a company.  As premier ground transportation professionals, KLS has come taken care of many VIPs, [...]

The Ultimate Chauffeured Experience

You've seen the cool commercials of a new, clean, stylish BMW luxury sedan driving along a scenic mountainside road or fluidly gliding between the architecture of a downtown cityscape. They call their cars The Ultimate Driving Machine. And LCT Magazine, the leading limo industry magazine, says the BMW 7-Series Li is “the highest standard for [...]

Top 10 Attractions In Los Angeles

Best Attractions In Los Angeles, Hollywood and Orange County Los Angeles is the best place to be for attractions year round. The supreme climate and calm weather make Los Angeles the mecca for shopping, dining, entertainment and fun excursions in nature -- whether at the beach or in the hills, hiking to the Hollywood sign. [...]

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A Limo Company That Offers Everyone a Taste of the Good Life

Los Angeles especially, where the glitz and the glam is omnipresent, you can't blame the rest of us for the occasional green-eyed envy. Fortunately, there is a niche market for us jealous types (there's a niche market for everything these days), and the most trusted name in that market is KLS Transportation Services, Inc., a [...]

Los Angeles International Airport Parking Tips

LAX recommends that travelers always arrive at least two hours before flight time. If you are planning to drive and park, either at the airport or off property, make sure to leave plenty of time in case you have to drive to more than one lot to find space. If you have luggage, you may [...]

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Limo Service Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a limousine in Los Angeles or other major cities worldwide? Here are some things you need to know when renting luxury sedans for business travel, executive vans for road shows or an elegant stretch limousine or party bus for that special event. Among the most common questions about limo service are: How Many People [...]

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